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By Oshawa Veteran (anonymous) | Posted April 07, 2010 at 14:42:13

I have lived in and around Oshawa for 44 years. You all forgot one very important thing. Oshawa is in fact the most highest taxed city in the nation. Twice that of Toronto. And for what reason? City officials who don't know the first thing about handling money and a bunch of suckers who vote them back in. Oshawa is losing it's wealth at a very high rate of speed. That's also why it's taxed too high. There is no income from tax sources. The Auto industry was the number 1 wealth creator for Canada. Now it's gone forever thanks to the American and Canadian governments who traded away all the wealth to the Asians for Nothing in exchange. I mean Nothing! A grave mistake! The University alone cannot support Oshawa simply because it is on the public payroll which requires tax money which there isn't any of it around anymore. And why. The good paying jobs are gone forever and no taxes will be paid to support the local politians expensive habits. Now the HST is coming. Oh Boy Look Out! There will be a major depression coming and the underground economy is already taking on a hefty boost. I want you to remember reading this comment. Nobody likes hearing the truth but if you keep driving forgein cars and shop at Walmart, you cannot expect to have a hefty economy. It all goes against the law of economics.

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