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By TD (registered) | Posted April 07, 2010 at 09:36:26

I hope Rolly Rocket's doesn't get a patio license. I'm all in favour of patios, don't get me wrong, but that place is disgusting. On a hot summer day the pork smell rolling out of it is going to be intolerable. Nothing wrong with a barbecue joint -- but does it have to be porcine-themed, with picnic tables? It's already an eyesore, don't take it outside.

Mr. Meister: There's nothing wrong with taking lessons from other cities. Anyone who really cares about Hamilton should be able to admit it has faults. I've been to Bogota too and was struck by the many similarities it has to our fair city, as well as the advantages (far superior public transportation) and disadvantages (far more dangerous). Why do we still live in Hamilton? Because we give a shit about it. And if you think this city is perfect, you obviously don't.

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