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By jason (registered) | Posted April 07, 2010 at 08:53:18

glass half full, in most cities you may be right, but don't forget - a crepe cafe wanted a patio to serve wine on and received a huge fuss from neighbours on Locke. This city is pure NIMBY and city hall appears to be led around by the nose by the few loud NIMBY's who run everything.

Patios interspersed here and there make a city a wonderful, fun place to live. I recall a quiet residential street in Capetown with views over the ocean that had 2 or 3 small commercial buildings on one side with patios out front covered in trees and flowers. It was an amazing place for all the local residents to stroll to in the morning for a coffee and read the paper. We went for dinner one day and I made the point to our party that you would NEVER see this at home. This was nowhere near downtown. Just a quiet, rather well off street with homes and views that most of us would die for. Shockingly, their few patios with a cafe, italian restaurant and internet cafe hadn't yet become Hess Village. Who knew it was possible!?

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