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By me again (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 22:14:13

You are right, it was near Barton. But just because it is a lower income area doesn't mean that anyone should have to deal with that.

And I know that not all of Hamilton is like that. Just the affordable parts. Although If I could afford to pay for a house on the mountain, I would have chosen a different city all together. One that has something more to offer than Walmarts and abandoned storefronts. Young families move to Hamilton because it is affordable. Then they get the hell out as soon as possible.

And I am not trying to bash Hamilton, I think it has great potential for the future. But I think there are bigger issues than noise complaints and public urination. Let them open patios, bars, stores, .... anything. Anything at all that can change the city of parking lots and empty buildings into a real community and help give the people even the slightest bit of respect for the city that they are a part of and live in. Maybe then they will stop disrespecting themselves and other by shitting on my lawn.

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