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By Regular user (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 11:06:31

So make it something else and soon. Chop chop. seriously we can't have everything right away. People who care will overcome but you can never win the war just concentrate on one battle at a time. I too would like to see Hamilton get it's act together but we can't even elect thr right people or true visionaries.
I just am tired of ALL the negative whining and complaining, so much energy wasted on things you ain't gonna see fixed any time soon, learn to live within our surrounding a little more ahppy and work towards improvment. lawrence got picked apart from King to Gage. I like it and it works for me and the ones I see riding, running or walking on it with their dogs.
Now Cumberland has too many stop signs and the east end is murder on my brake pads with all the stupid stop signs. Sell them and fix a pot hole.

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