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By Regular user (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 08:19:37

Are you for real. Must we complain about everything and nothing is ever good enough. It is what it is. I drive this route daily from end to end. i cycle it in the summer. There are basic rules of the road and you have to LOOK and are responsible for your own space. This is a great route with minimal traffic unlike King. Smooth uninterupted flow or traffic lights, long field of view as it is real straight and only the hump over Kenilworth obstruct the entire route. many people cycle this route and as for sidewalks when the city trims the side bush you have 9-12 feet of shoulder. So there are many runners. As for bus riders they have a clear view and can stand off to the rad edge or next to a telephone pole.
This is better than many other roads and routes. Be thankful for what it is. We don't need sidewalks as it would mess up the bikes. There are not many walkers as there are no destinations and amny other walking routes paralel to between king and gage park as well as the big sidewalks on KING. Get real I use it I like it. However in winter it can be slippery getting up onto lawrence with the lip along the edge, but you could still cycle or run in the winter as it is plowed and well. The city just has to trim back the weeds and trees on the south side and more people will walk there.

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