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By canbyte (registered) | Posted April 03, 2010 at 17:20:24

More Roads:

We can agree that China is a worry and we better shape up. But to ascribe China's strength to high DIRECT gummerment involvement in the economy without acknowledging low wages, low starting point, burgeoning energy utilization and many other factors is to misrepresent reality. Plus, last I heard, overall taxation of the Canadian economy (not just federal) has been growing not declining for decades, notwithstanding that wartime taxes were higher. War/ Post war years should not be comparable to recent times unless one also considers how P Trudeau undid McKenzie King's brilliant move of bringing money creation under government control (ie not bankster control as is now) - something akin to China's pegging the Reminibi way below the dollar which has had a huge effect, no?

Rather than socializing our economy as you suggest, or making more sludge for the private sector to wade through, perhaps a little downsizing and privatizing of the bloated health and education sectors should be tried. To reverse your logic, the private sector should "stress" the gummerment sector so it can grow stronger by losing the fat it has accumulated over the decades of boomer irresponsibility. We might agree that the private sector has been too much coddled but the rise of the loonie is putting an end to that and will continue for awhile yet. So lets just agree that reducing the burden of public debt would be a good and responsible thing to do. How this is accomplished (raising taxes or lowering benefits) is the subject of proper debate. I lean toward the latter.

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