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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted March 20, 2010 at 20:44:49

So prefer leaders who don't lead...and yet still lead where people wish to follow.


Sounds to me like what you're really talking about is an active involvement in decision-making on the part of each citizen...assuming of course that a) they're interested (they're not, not to this extent; they'll tell you they have lives to live and that they vote people into office in order to NOT be bothered with the details and all their concomitant hassles), and b) that their collective vision is correct. (I don't think I need to bat around this notion very much in order for it to be all bloody and pulpy; the average person barely has a sufficiently-qualified opinion about the life they're living, never mind the world at large.)

Sounds more like your disenchantment with local politics has really mangled your faith in the very concept of 'leadership'. Or, more pointedly, what you're expressing reminds me of someone who's had their heart shattered by Love and therefore has no time for it in their lives. (Strangely enough, when these people fall in love again, they can't remember ever having made such a declaration.)

I wonder if you'd feel the same way about leadership if, for the sake of argument, rather than listing grievances, you'd offered up hosannahs for decisions that were 'right' (in your eyes).

(By the way, the quote you offer in closing is really only a valid one if you have other forces at play, ones that mesh with both common sense and common vision. From what I can see, they're non-existent in Hamilton at the present time. Yes, there's talk, some degree of dialogue...but really, little of anything possessing integrity of either direction or motion.)

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