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By Kiely (registered) | Posted March 18, 2010 at 10:50:11

The Calgary LRT is a Siemens LRT not Bombardier.

Siemens and Bombardier have worked in consortium in the past - Siemens providing drive systems, Bombardier the chassis. But Siemens also makes their own LRTs.

The author's suggestion would by-pass the proper bid process for an LRT system. You can't just grant Siemens the contract. You can however make the contract based on making at least a portion of the system in Hamilton, European countries do it all the time. Usually the winning bidder is required to assemble the systems locally (with a percentage specified), this allows the manufacturer to build the components at their existing manufacturing facilities then ship them to a local facility to put together.

The long term life of the assembly facilities would not be guaranteed however and unless Canada plans on a transit revival and specifically a rail revival I doubt a new LRT or any rail equipment manufacturing facility in this province is viable... Bombardier already has two (and Kingston may already be mothballed???).

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