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By Anthony Humphreys (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2010 at 02:40:55

Cyclists are a minority. And have become a vocal one, thanks to organized groups like the Toronto Cyclists Union and Ontario's Share the Road Coalition.

Cyclists are one of the barometer species of a livable city. A city which promotes cycling is also a city which promotes tolerance, and is inclusive.

There are many side benefits of promoting and encouraging cycling, like reduced car trips, safer streets in part due to lowered collision rates, a more compact urban form, fewer (and/or smaller) surface parking lots.

Bike lanes is the most palpable aspect of Toronto's (and almost any city's) bike plan. As such, bike lanes are the easiest to 'attack' for political gains. Cyclists also make easy targets for motorists to blame for slowing traffic, when congestion (ie an over-population of cars) is the real reason.

I think that a city's ability to adopt a bike plan really tell us more about ourselves and about the human condition than it does to help or hinder cyclists.

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