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By Really? (registered) | Posted February 23, 2010 at 11:38:58

Montreal was able to successfully convert their Velodrome into a Biosphere (very interesting, btw, you should check it out). It's probably the most successful re-use of any of the Montreal Summer Olympic venues. (Btw, I never stated that the Velodrome must be converted after-use in order for it to make sense; I was simply stating that other similar venues have been (ie: Montreal, the planned Richmond Oval asa mega-rec ctr, etc))

In fact, I would rather the Velodrome remain a Velodrome (whcih is why I'm a huge proponant of a PERMANANT structure over the planned temporary tarp structure). If you've ever used any of the Bayfront trails, you'll know it's PACKED with cyclists! And honestly, I don't see many cars with bike racks down there, which must mean cyclists are cycling to the Bay? So it seems, to someone who rollerblades these trails at least 3 days/week in warmer weather, that the demographics are here!

An area where it would be inaccesible to most residents? Besides the airport I'm not sure which other areas are being suggested, so I can't comment on that really? But the airport would indeed be the worst case scenerio. I wouldn't be totally against a Mac site, but that's kind of hidden.

Don't the cycling orgs in Hamilton want to raise a higher profile for Cycling within this City? Would a hidden velodrome behind Mac help that? Or would a structure beside a Professional Sports Stadium which has 10 Nationally-Televised Football Games/Year be better for exposure?

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