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By Velo (anonymous) | Posted February 21, 2010 at 11:14:40

selfish? It's been said countless times by Andrew himself.

"To achieve maximum usage, planners must look at demographics and determine where the greatest number of identified and potential users are located and attempt to make the velodrome as accessible as possible to those paying users."

It's no secret that cycling is an expensive sport even at the amateur level. Bringing demographics into the plan is a bid to ensure it's nearest to the richest community in the City. Combine with this with the usual scary words around traffic and parking, and there's no denying the group's motives.

The group does not understand that placing it anywhere outside the urban area instantly negates the economic spin-offs that this facility will generate for the City. Removing it from the amenities of downtown will place it out of reach for many potential spectators.

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