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By Really? (registered) | Posted February 20, 2010 at 17:20:02

"Why Should the Pan Am Velodrome be built at Pan Am Park?"

a) b/c it's located in a Central Games District within Hamilton; Stadium, Practice Field & Velodrome together, Copps a 2min shuttle ride up the street (note: Mac's new pool is only a practice facility and not an Events Venue) b) b/c it's located next to the proposed GO/Via Rail Stn (meaning Athletes can take one simple electrified rail link from their Downtown Toronto boarding room to Hamilton Pan Am Park in less than an hour) c) It creates an opportunity to re-adapt the Velodrome if Cycling doesn't work out for it (ie: Richmond Oval being converted into a huge Rec Ctr after the Games). A Velodrome can be converted into a Rec Centre or even a Concert/Entertainment venue, keeping in-stride with the whole plan for the West Harbour (Sports-Entertainment District) d) it's located next to a fantastic trail system (Harbourfront & Bayfront Parks), while still a 10-15min ride to the renowned Bruce/Rail Trail.

I could go on... but I'm late for dinner...

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