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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted February 18, 2010 at 10:43:35

"The only reasonable approach for the taxpayers of this City is to locate that stadium on City-owned property, near existing major transportation corridors, and preferably not contaminated. Such sites exist. Such an approach would save the millions of dollars estimated for land purchase, demolition, and site clean-up"

So let me get this straight. Bob Bratina is dissing brownfields and plugging transportation corridors? Wasn't he against RHVP and the servicing of airport lands? Wasn't he the one telling businesses that THEY should be building on brownfields? I guess if brownfields don't make sense for the city then they make perfect sense for businesses, right Bob?

Bob, go back to calling ticat games, that is all you are good for.

Btw, Canada Bread just announced that they will be building their $100M facility on the N. Glanbrook business park. This is why I supported the RHVP. I would like to hear what Jason, Ryan, Grassroots and the rest of you RHVP deniers have to say about this.

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