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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted February 17, 2010 at 14:52:56

Agree with the HGTV comments. The Brits have never had a hard on for city roads the way North Americans do. They understand that city streets are also neighbourhoods. They also now understand the unique qualities of downtowns - neighbourhoods, centralized shopping/civic destinations, historical significance etc - and have pedestrianized large chunks of many of them as a result.

However some cities are still reluctant to build full blown transit. Leeds is a city of 1 mill and relies on buses. I don't think Sheffield has LRT. It appears to be a hard sell all over the world and yet, once it's built, I don't know of any city that wants to get rid of it.

As for comments regarding yapping at shopkeepers - I agree! I have always made a point of voicing my views - and seeking out others - in general conversation. Nothing like the simple act of talking to people to learn more about what makes people tick and helping to get your point across. (I do sometimes get caried away however... I recall having a 'discussion' about bike lanes on Jarvis St (in Toronto) with a drinking buddy last year. I haven't seen much of him since :) )

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