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By jason (registered) | Posted February 16, 2010 at 12:55:53

Really? Thanks for posting that info. I'm a huge believer and supporter of community and neighbourhood associations, although I've seen what can happen when they cross the line from good public discourse into the world of rejecting every idea that ever comes forth due to NIMYBism.

Durand is a great example of an association that receives info from developers and works to fine tune it and make constructive suggestions for their neighbourhood.

I'm not sure whether the NEN have become this or not, but it wouldn't hurt for some residents in that area to show up and offer some thoughtful support for the stadium. If you get boo'd out of the room then you know that NIMBYism has taken hold.... not to mention the fact that this stadium location is NOT in the North End.
Regardless, from some of the folks that I know in that area I think the association is pretty open minded, but again, until someone attends a meeting and reports back on the general themes/tones we won't know for sure.

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