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By jason (registered) | Posted February 16, 2010 at 11:14:11

I'd be stunned if the school board is considering building a new school downtown. They want to CLOSE schools, not build new ones (at least not in the city).

SJAM may not be perfect and the building may be ugly, but the surrounding freeways are the fault of the city, not the school. If the property and playing field are in a less than ideal place it's because the city insists on tearing apart our urban neighbourhoods with freeways.

Get rid of the freeways, fix up the school building and property so it's more enjoyable for the students and most of all, fight like heck for it to remain open.
There's zero chance the board is going to purchase the Rheem property and build a beautiful new school. Heck, they want their headquarters in an ugly stucco box on the Mountain and they have identified only 3 schools that won't be closed - all in the suburbs.

Finally, I don't understand why we can never build anything on an EMPTY LOT or brownfield in this city. Why must every new project involve demolition of perfectly fine buildings downtown???

We've always thought that developers had too much power behind the scenes at city hall. I'm starting to think the demolition companies are literally running the show.

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