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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 16, 2010 at 09:13:30

I respect Bratina's thoughts and his view on the harbour stadium. My only issue is this: The decision has been made, council WILL NOT revisit it, no matter how much Bratina disagrees. At this point his disagreement is not being constructive. He voiced his concerns and disagreement at the council table, and the rest of council considered his position and disagreed with him. Now it's time for him to man up and work with council going forward so that he can help shape the stadium in a way that is most beneficial/least detrimental to his community.

One of the first lessons you learn about teamwork is that while arguments and disagreements are vital to the teamwork process (so you avoid groupthink), at some point a consensus has to be reached and the whole team has to move forward together. One person hanging onto their original discarded view only hurts the team as a whole, and marginalizes that individual.

By turning himself into an outsider on this project I feel he's hampering his ability to provide meaningful input on a subject that he actually knows a decent amount about.

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