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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 15, 2010 at 22:21:53

By schmadrian:

I watched the film Five Ring Circus, which is about the Olympics in Vancouver. Yes, it is the same words, that you are preaching here, the athlete villages will be turned into affordable housing but the reality is that they will most likely will not.

There was one point in the film were a gentleman who was disabled had been given notice, he would soon have to move, but move to where. This was the question, as the amounts received from disability limited where one could find affordable housing. The Mayor of Vancouver is disabled and that man seemed to be disconnected to those others, just like himself in his community that were losing there homes. But then the mayor does not live in poverty, so how can he really relate. This is the problem, when those who have, do not include those who do not have in the discussion period.

I seen the Mr Cooper from the Hamilton Community Foundation was giving a talk on Social Inclusion and I wonder how can that be, if those who are on disablity or even social assistance cannot afford to even go to a football game, many now cannot even afford to have their children go to the city pools, ice rinks, they cannot play hockey and many other sports. They are the forgotten ones.

We pushing toward one third of our population living below the poverty line. Makes you think right!

I noticed in the film that quite few seniors have participated in civil disobedience over environmental issue, they landed in jail. Is it really worth all the expense for the rich to have their two week party, while those who struggle are further disenfranchised, mother Nature is destroyed and never to be the same again.

How many of these corporate sponsors are the worst in environmental, labour and human rights violations. It seems like quite a few.

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