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By jason (registered) | Posted February 15, 2010 at 11:58:40

yea, that's the old Ryerson location from way back in the day being shown on Google. It's a condo complex now.

I realize there are a few push button signal lights in Hamilton, but I still like the X crossings in TO that work EVERYTIME someone pushes the button.

Hamilton was designed around streetcars and walkability, but was destroyed in the 50's-present.

I live a 10 minute walk from the Dundurn Fortino's and will NOT walk there with my kids. It's pure insanity. I will, however walk to the temporary Shoppers location now that it is on the north side (my side) of King.
I've lived 10 steps from York Blvd for 7 years now and have not once used it to walk downtown. I always cut through Strathcona and across Queen, then Bay to get downtown.
I'll jaywalk till the cows come him for one reason - the city gives me NO OTHER OPTION.

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