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By jason (registered) | Posted February 15, 2010 at 08:55:14

for even more hilarity, check out the new 'pedestrian crossing' signs that have been installed on Main St in the area of Pearl St. The other day I saw a couple of kids standing at the painted crosswalk waiting to cross while an Indy 500 roared past them. In Toronto they put up X's with push buttons so pedestrians can actually, well, cross at a crosswalk. The fact that the crossing signs are bright yellow and the paint on the road has been refreshed doesn't mean anyone with a brain will actually step out and cross there. At least not until the mini-Indy has a brief lull.

It's pure lip service and a waste of money IMO. Take down the signs (including these moronic ones shown by Ryan) and spend the money on pedestrian X crossings with flashing lights and push buttons..... or just have the school boards ramp up bus service so nobody has to walk to school anymore.

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