Comment 37910

By frank (registered) | Posted February 09, 2010 at 09:24:05

I don't normally respond to you ASmith but you're stupidity is appalling... Have you been around the city lately? Have you read the proposal for LRT? It includes replacement of parts or sections of the trunk sewers on King/Main and James (the giant ones that are currently inaccessible and too large to reline) and if you take a gander at the WTP on Woodward you'll notice that they're doing a lot of upgrading there (or if you'd been paying attention to the news stories in late December/early January you'd know that as well). If you drive around on any given day you'll also be able to find a relining crew somewhere in the city hard at work relining watermains and sewers.

Option 1 is already in progress...time to get onto option 2.

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