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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted February 08, 2010 at 23:45:24

That's certainly fair. I don't claim to supporting everything that's been written there or the particular slant of the author(s). I simply brought it forward as one group asking the same question. I'm well used to taking everything I read with a large grain of salt.

The most specific value I found in the publication were the case studies - Hamilton-tailored examples of what benefits faith groups bring when specifically looking at downtown renewal.

That said, there's faith groups do all of these things poorly, and many more do some of them well and some of them poorly. It's my hope that the use of the land by that mosque turns out to be a good thing and encourage people to live downtown, add beauty to the physical landscape, and much more - in the current design, I think a few things need to change for that to happen.

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