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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted February 03, 2010 at 09:46:52

Here are the Hamilton Bylaws specific to Pedestrians:


38. Where there is a sidewalk on either side of the roadway, no pedestrian shall walk along the roadway.

39. Where sidewalks are not provided on a highway, a pedestrian walking along the highway shall walk on the left side thereof facing oncoming traffic and, when walking along the roadway, shall walk as close to the left edge thereof as possible.

40. A pedestrian shall not cross a roadway by other than by the shortest route, except within a crosswalk.

41. No pedestrian shall proceed over or under a railing or other such barrier permanently installed along the edge of a sidewalk.

42. Where suitably worded signs are displayed, no pedestrian shall cross or enter any highway named in Column 1 of Schedule 24, in the direction or directions set out opposite thereto in Column 2, at that side of the intersection shown opposite thereto in Column 3.

43. No person shall walk or stand together with one or more other persons in such a manner as to impede pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

44. No person shall play or take part in any game or sport upon a roadway, and, where there is a sidewalk, no person upon roller skates, roller blades, inline skates or riding in or upon any coaster, scooter, skate board, toy vehicle or similar device, shall go upon a roadway except for the purpose of crossing the road, and when so crossing such person shall have the rights and be subject to the obligations of a pedestrian.

45. (1) Notwithstanding the other provisions of Part 4 of this By-law, no pedestrian, cyclist or person riding upon, leading or driving an animal, shall travel upon or along or cross any highway or part of a highway set out in Schedule 25, save and except that this prohibition shall not apply to:

(a) Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Ambulance DriversIAttendants, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers, Tow Truck Operators or other emergency workers, in the performance of their duty; or

(b) Employees of The City of Hamilton in the performance of their duties; or,

(c) Persons making use of the highway where such use is necessary because of an emergency or vehicle breakdown.

(2) Schedule 25 describes the following:

(a) in column 1 thereof, the name of the highway or part of a highway; (b) in column 2 thereof, the point at which the prohibition commences; and,

(c) in column 3 thereof, the point at which the prohibition terminates.

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