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By adrian (registered) | Posted February 02, 2010 at 13:08:41

Sure, here's my letter. But before I begin: if you're one of those people who feels intimidated by letter writing, don't be. You have an opinion - everybody does. If somebody said, tell me in two or three sentences how you really FEEL about this issue, could you? If the answer is yes, then just write those sentences down and email them! Remember, your MPP works for you (or at least, is supposed to!)

Ms. Aggelonitis,

I imagine your hands are full with your recent appointment to Cabinet (congratulations). The same can hardly be said for Metrolinx: what on earth is it actually doing these days? Why does the crucial decision about light rail transit in Hamilton continue to be delayed?

I really invite you to read this article on Raise the Hammer, a local news and opinion site that is the most popular website of its kind in Hamilton except for The Spec, with about 15,000 page views each day. Hamiltonians read RTH. And what they're reading about Metrolinx and the Liberal Government is cause for concern:

Hamilton deserves light rail transit. In 2007, your government warned that a Conservative government would "put rapid transit projects through MoveOntario 2020 - including two light rail lines across Hamilton - at risk" (

We need this decision to be made, we need it soon, and we need it to be the right one.


Adrian Duyzer Hamilton, Ontario

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