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By frank (registered) | Posted February 02, 2010 at 11:41:18

Here's the letter I sent:


Recently there has been a spat of articles and opinion pieces in the Spectator citing lack of ridership, poor planning and a myriad of other things as reasons to not have an LRT system built in the City of Hamilton. As a resident of Hamilton and a supporter of an LRT system I feel the need to express my support for an LRT line running through our main corridors. The economic benefits of light rail are indisputable and can be seen empirically in cities such as Portland, Oregon. While the location of the line may change, I feel that light rail is a necessary part of the growth of our city and imperative in the economic development of the core as well as the corridor adjacent to the proposed line.

I don't ordinarily use transit to move around the city because many of the areas I need to visit aren't readily accessible by transit and I don't visit downtown much anymore because I hate driving around ignorant drivers. I would be one of quite a few people who would hop on a train to head downtown to the core to spend a day shopping at the Farmer's Market and visiting the AGH. The "sexiness" of having a modern rail system helps provide a polished image for our city and will promote it among others without an LRT system. Our city, province and country all have set targets for transit ridership and reducing the number of vehicle trips on city roadways. LRT is one (and perhaps the only) truly viable way of meeting those targets.

Please don't let the negative press and unsupported opinions of a vocal few stop you from supporting what would definitely be a success for Hamilton - hold Metrolinx and our government to task to quit stalling the process and push the LRT proposal forward.

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