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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted January 31, 2010 at 08:56:13

Oh, brought so much to mind with your comment. Thank you.

I've been reading comments here...and elsewhere...and I develped a divot on my skull from where I've been scratching it so hard. Some of the approaches to the issues just...well, they bewilder me.

I've spoken my piece here on RTH in the past when discussions about mass transit, public transit, the LRT, car use, etc are raised. Nothing I've heard or read anywhere has changed my stance on this umbrella fact, it's been confirmed, buttressed, fortified.

In a nutshell, while issues such as pedestrian deaths, jaywalking, bike-lanes, pollution can be addressed in their micro forms, to me, the macro truth is that we have created a society where the automobile is at the heart of our value system. Until that changes, carrying on the 'discussion' as it's been unfolding is like trying correct a pronounced engineering design flaw by constantly adding things to compensate...when in fact, you need to start over. (Not that I believe this will ever happen regarding the automobile and all its associated dilemmas.)

(For the record...again...I'm not a vehicle owner, I never have been, I walk and take the bus almost everywhere I go...even though I've had a driver's license since I was sixteen.)

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