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By Yup (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2010 at 19:49:48

But Dalton, you're doing the same thing. Much as I agree with Maheesh's assessment, in this essay it's ill defined wishful thinking. His link for Social Capital, for instance, states that it's an illdefined concept.

Can we say that Social Capital is leveraging social, familial, commercial and institutional connections to find resources for community building, rather than toward lobbying government for similar purposes? I like the concept. I'd rather see a lot of the energy that goes into complaining about local bureaucrats and developers in RTH go into directly undertaking alternatives. I admire the folks who have opened galleries and shops on James St. N. for instance, and think they've accomplished much more than downtown BIAs. So do the BIAs, I suspect, because they seem to want to crowd in on the action. And I think the folks on James N. get more attention from city hall by virtue of having opened their shops and organized the monthly stroll than they would have gotten if they'd simply gotten together once a month to e-mail petitions to city counsellors. Sky Dragon is another example, and probably Maheesh's building is too.

But specifically, what else do you have in mind? I'm not quite following the "Learning City" concept except as a criticism of Hamilton. Maybe I didn't read the link closely enough. I saw "linking with other Learning Cities" and a dedication to life-long learning. So Mac, Mohawk, the Bds of Ed open adult evening classes. What more? What subjects? Are you starting a class on property development and architecture? Enlighten me please.

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