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By Walkman (anonymous) | Posted January 29, 2010 at 16:03:24

As an aside, can anyone, please, tell me the attraction of curb-side parking? Shopping malls don't provide them. I mean, I get the appeal of pulling up in front of the shop you intend to visit, dashing in and straight out again, but I've only ever seen it done in movies. In truly busy commercial areas there's never an empty parking spot directly outside the popular businesses. Personally I've always had to park at one end of Locke Street, for instance, or the other, and walk to the shops I like, often finding newer interesting places along the way, and acquaintances to talk to.

I mean, what kind of shop calls itself busy if it serves only one client at a time, each arriving by car? On King St. E. though, I usually find a spot in that attractive little lot at Jarvis(?) St., by the clock. It's handy to a number of locations I like to visit. So why do BIAs always whine about the need for curb-side parking? Looking at Mr. Butani's photo, I think wouldn't that parking lane be more attractive filled with pedestrians and cyclists than a parked car? What's the appeal of on-street parking, please?

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