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By M.P.B. (anonymous) | Posted January 26, 2010 at 21:46:49

>>> Adam S:

I know I am "feeding" you with this. This in itself is an act of mercy and economical development at the same time!

You may well ask, how so? Here is how.

When you are well fed, you will be able to overcome your feeling of despondency and work your way out of the self-defeating cycle that you have put yourself in - whatever your addictions may have been.

With the hunger gone, there is a good chance for the restoration of self-esteem - and thus you naturally will be in a better state than you are in presently, thereby increasing your odds of getting involved in some productive activities - such as maybe suggesting new things that you have not already proposed here for a while now - or even maybe becoming the creator of the new economy itself.

This does take one more person off the mercy train. See the connections between mercy and EcDev.

Of course there is always the danger of you getting addicted to my act of mercy, and spiraling out of control. But that is chance I must take, least I be accused of denying you the basic courtesy in the state that you are in. Unless of course you tell me to stop feeding you, on your own accord - which then becomes your call. Which then interestingly enough -- leaves me free to go and figure out way to cut taxes.

But, your call never comes. You keep seeking food.

Now you see, why there is no good way of breaking this cycle of dependency between mercy and EcDev.

Your beef that others who are showing similar symptoms like yours do not deserve any act of mercy - is well founded - considering that many appear to you in the state that you are in presently, to be abusing the system. And the system itself appears to you to have taken on the appearance of a multi-national corporation. - This I concede can be a real and present danger.

And that is why, now that you are well fed - I am looking up to you to suggest some 'out-of-the-box methods and processes' that - you have not already suggested here - that address your concerns.

You do know I have a limited budget and really cannot keep up with this act of mercy for too long without increasing the taxes.

So it is in our mutual interest that you very soon come up with your 'out-of-the-box methods and processes' to create the new economy - which I am confident will result in a flood of high paying jobs in the core, which in turn will create the basis for reducing the taxes.

PS: Now, if you are still hungry, don't be ashamed to ask. It is just that when you snatch things away - like you have been prone to here, for a long time now - it get to be so counter-productive.

And btw what is it with this lefty thing you talk about?? or even this 'burbs subsidizing the LRT' now??? Is this some new kind of a racial or a class slur or something?

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