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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted January 26, 2010 at 07:29:21

All the city studies I've seen show that most of the cycling is... downtown.

I feel pretty lonely when I bike downtown. So I'm assuming that you mean in other cities.

I'm still doubtful about the whole thing in this city - but them, if asked a year ago about a public bike system in Montreal, I would have laughed: the traffic, the snow, les gens skeezé. But Montreal seems to have pulled it off very successfully and I was won over on my first Bixi ride along Maisonneuve.

Mind you, Montreal also has four downtown universities full of students who live in places not conducive to bike storage - rather different from Hamilton with its suburban campuses full of suburban kids living, for the most part, in suburban houses.

As for tourists ... I guess that I don't think of Hamilton as a tourist town. But Jason mentions the waterfront, which leads me to think that it would be good to have one or two terminals near Spencer Smith Park in Burlington as well as terminals near Hutches and Confederation Park. I dare say that there are GTA tourists who might be tempted into Hamilton after mounting a bike in Burlington.

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