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By The Sage (registered) - website | Posted January 25, 2010 at 21:14:23

The aptly titled Bi-Polarity of the Core should be made required reading for the BIA's, the Downtown Non-Renewal Department, and academics who are studying the SNAFU that has come to represent Hamilton's chaotic demolition-by-neglect downtown policies.

Mr.Butani should be conferred the title of Professor for his recognized ability to analyse this complex paradigmatical "wicked" problem of Hamilton's Downtown and offer solutions that push the boundaries of public policy, planning, and development.

What is particularly irksome, and what would demand a review by the City of how the BIA does business, is Mr. Butani's revelation that the BIA did not engage its members in a consultation and dialogue prior to representing an official position on LRT to the City. This is unforgiveable in an era where it is only through collaboration and public consultation that the best outcomes are achieved.

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