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By Jonathan Dalton (registered) | Posted January 25, 2010 at 16:34:34

Maybe I've just been single too long but I also managed to avoid this place for two years despite living right off James. However I had the occasion to take my mom there a few months ago and had the best experience. The fresh baked rosemary bread they serve complimentary deserves a commendation on its own - I wish they sold this by the loaf. Then I was surprised by the proper Kronenbourg 1664 pint glass (it read 50CL at the pint line) they served my beer in, a fussy detail but one that always impresses me when executed. As to the food selection, for unfathomable reasons even to myself I went for the hamburger and frites, maybe just tantalized by the description on the menu. Melted Gruyere cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms, anyway there was no turning back, and I didn't regret it. Easily the best burger anywhere. The frites, while thinly sliced (Julienned?) to the expected precision, left something to be desired on the scale of crispiness - I enjoy fries, not sticks of cooked potato - hopefully it was just a miscalculation. I had a bite of my mom's chicken crepe and it too was delicious. The creamy sauce, tender chicken and substantial pastry melded into the perfect melt in your mouth consistency. I can't remember if we shared a creme brulee for dessert, probably. I'll go again soon - I think they have a steak frites special for $10 one day of the week. I walk past it every day so I'll keep this thread informed of the specials.

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