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By jason (registered) | Posted January 25, 2010 at 12:56:50

John Neary, great post and no need to apologize. I haven't felt 'picked on'. Lol. As I said in my original post, I'm merely putting forth some thoughtful ideas but I know others will have some different views that are equally thought out. That's the beauty of good civic discourse - something that is completely foreign in the age of talk radio and US 'news' networks that are nothing more than suit and tie versions of the Jerry Springer show. Actually, he wore a suit and tie too didn't he? Anyhow.....

From what I've seen there are plans for two-way bike routes on both Wilson and Cannon in the near future (or perhaps as long as 25 years if council continues to puddle-jump with our bike plan) by removing a traffic lane while leaving street parking on the opposite curb. That would leave 2 lanes of auto traffic on these streets with both sidewalks buffered by cars/bikes.
Heck, maybe we'll even see the York Blvd two-way conversion spread further east along Wilson/Cannon.

Main will certainly become the dominant 'car' street in this plan with a full 2 lanes each way through the entire city and even room for turning lanes at major intersections.
Main could use help, but I'd prefer to see King become a bustling vibrant street like Queen, Bloor, King etc... in Toronto. The old building stock is already there. I'd much prefer an old streetwall to be restored instead of expecting our developers to build an equally great new streetwall on Main.
Remember, this is Hamilton - fences are now considered great streetwalls.

Ultimately, I think Ryan's comment will prove to ring true - a properly planned LRT tapping into new riders will result in overall LESS cars on all of these streets.


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