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By jason (registered) | Posted January 25, 2010 at 10:00:20

I prefer King St for a few reasons:

  1. a more balanced transportation network. Main is extra wide, which means it can accommodate 4-lanes of traffic (2 each way) plus street parking from the 403 all the way to Sherman. If the LRT is run on Main, the street parking is lost on both King and Main.
  2. King is the better retail/dining street and has a more human, walkable design. LRT would integrate much better on King and spur a greater revival than along the doctors/lawyers offices of Main.

Potential exists for small neighbourhood nodes all along King such as one would find along Queen East or Bloor West in Toronto. King and Delta, King and Sherman, King and Wentworth, IV, Gore Park, King/Hess, King/Locke etc..... all could become hubs of pedestrian-oriented retail, markets, dining, cafes that help rejuvenate the neighbourhoods. The building stock and streetwall all provide the foundation for this type of vision to be built on. I'm sorry, but Main and Wentworth or Main and Ferugson will never have the cozy, urban feel that King and Sherman or King and Wentworth or King through the IV could/does have.

For example:

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