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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted January 25, 2010 at 09:45:59

In an effort to put my money where my Hamiltonian mouth is, I spent considerable time this past weekend expanding my horizons.

Trying to understand my city better. Moreover, trying to understand the issues least the ones I don't understand as well as I do others. LOL

The grand jewel in my explorations...second to going through back-posts of 'The Hamiltonian'...was discovering Mr. Butani. (Not that my first true exposure to his thoughts and his style of expressing them was a positive one. Grr...)

So my 'comment' is to thank Mr. Butani for being a source not only of information, but of informed opinion, well-qualified insight...and refreshingly stalwart contributions to the ongoing dialogue about Hamilton, specifically Downtown Hamilton. I'm grateful for having my perspective broadened, and for being nudged to apply my own cognitive energies to more demanding exercises.

This novitiate thanks you.

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