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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted January 25, 2010 at 06:15:12

This subject...and those attached to one you'll hear me getting very passionate about. The obesity pandemic. Our detachment from our physical forms, how we regard our bodies and using them. What we eat. Our basic value system.

I loved Pollan's book. And adapted his motto; here's mine:

'Cook fresh food. Be active. Have fun.'

-What we choose to eat is vital. (Literally) And actually 'cooking' filters out so much crap. 'Cooking' means just that; it's NOT 'preparing'. If it comes in a box, ready-made, just heat...then you're not cooking. People need to take back stewardship of their lives...and yes, this means cooking..and yes, this means re-ordering your life. You have a problem with the notion? Not a problem; welcome to your decline.

-We've created sedentary society. I won't belabour the point. (Except to say that if anyone offers to sell you something as a means to procure more fitness, more health...RUN AWAY! Everything you need, be it knowledge or regimen or actual setting, you already have access to. Gratis.

-At the core of everything having to do with 'making things better' in this arena is gaining a better Life perspective. Changing our value system. And change really only happens under two circumstances: Crisis...or Something 'Sexier' Being Offered. But if people believe that living a slothful, un-physical, ailment-ridden existence is what they really want...then maybe we do need a crisis. Oh, that's right; we're in the middle of one.

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