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By jason (registered) | Posted January 23, 2010 at 15:49:10

a couple of points regarding the Dundurn bike lanes:

  1. the owner of Ray's Place has asked to appear before council to complain some more about the bike lanes coming to Dundurn South. I've been many times to Ray's and will never set foot in there again if he succeeds in convincing council to stay stuck in the 50's. I would recommend the same response from others who would like to make their point - letter writing won't do a thing. The bottom line will.

  2. My young daughter and I were almost run right over by a guy riding his bike down the sidewalk on Dundurn the other day. We stepped out of Zarky's and he was absolutely flying in the dark. How we managed to avoid him is still a shock to me. I now know how someone could be very badly hurt or killed in a collision with a bike. He was going full tilt.

Maybe I should appear before council and share that story?

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