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By Really? (registered) | Posted January 20, 2010 at 17:12:09

The City needs to stop dumping the Poor (working or not), elderly & disabled in the Core ASAP, actually!

When there are people who take pride in the buildings/homes they own, they will keep them looking good. Those who get a 'free ride' of sorts don't own or appreciate the buildings/homes they live in, and therefore don't maintain or renovate anything. Hence why our Core reflects that of an American Rustbelt City (Flint?)

I'm sick & tired of being the butt of jokes re: Me needing a scooter to get around Downtown. I'm also sick of being stared/yelled at angrily, being accosted for drugs and being run-down (or off the sidewalk) by people in scooters who have this arrogance to them where they think they have the right to do so!? Is this because they're used to owning the roads for the last 50years; when they lose their liscences they think they have the right to drive on, and/or, rule the sidwalks? That's why I say there will be 'Scooter Lanes' in this City before Bike Lanes!

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