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By JonC (registered) | Posted January 17, 2010 at 08:47:58

No. Quality of life, no, but frustrate the hell out me, sometimes. You should skip work and check out the mess of churches near Locke in an hour or two from now. People parked in no stopping zones, in crosswalks, in wheel chair loading zones, in front of fire hydrants, in front of bus stops, and blocking through fares. Every week like it was their god-given right. Their need to park 100 feet closer to church outweighing their desire to obey the law or care about other people's needs. Either that or they're completely ignorant, but the bylaw officers probably would have pointed that out to them on numerous other days that aren't Sunday.

No need to get defensive just because I pointed out the city specifically gives bylaw officers that time off and I've presumed it's favouritism towards churches. I'll assume today's sermon is about the moral authority to ignore mans' laws. You can get defensive about that if you'd like, but you did essentially okayed it above. Just try to keep them at parking violations. Much appreciated.

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