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By bigbri (registered) | Posted January 14, 2010 at 18:16:55

Please, I’m not questioning your passion and dedication to preserving the character and health of downtown. It’s just that the Century sat there neglected for 20 years and hardly anyone noticed – so why the hue and cry now? And, with all due respect, the Century was always your third or fourth choice for downtown movie-going, and there was some serious walking to do if the movie ended late. Perhaps the bylaw crawl will be a proactive gesture to help keep on top of things (and I hope it morphs into a pub crawl later). When St. Joseph’s knocked down that non-descript building at James and Hannah … errr, Charlton streets, I was appalled. It had that street sign from a different era painted on a small board embedded in the pargeting. I made a point of looking at that sign whenever I passed, liked the metaphor, the connection it represented. When they knocked the building down, they took away a little slice of history. But I can understand why they knocked it down – if there had been no sign I might have shrugged. It’s a complex matter.

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