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By bigbri (registered) | Posted January 14, 2010 at 12:27:18

Tear it down and they will come ... Where was everybody in 1989 when nobody bothered to go to the Century? Granted, some of you might not have been born yet, but where were your parents? Where was everybody? My own brothers and sisters? It seems the only time people come out of the woodwork is when a "heritage" building is about to be torn down? Did you expect the owner to keep the theatre open just for the hell of it? By the way, I was there: Lived around the corner on King Street in the old St. Denys building in the late eighties; actually saw a movie at the Century in 1988 or 89 (wish I could remember the title); actually bought shoes at Dacks in the Connaught building before lack of sales drove the guy out of business; actually bought clothes at Marvin Caplans and other places downtown; actually sat on a bench in Gore Park on a Sunday afternoon ... Tear it down and they will come ... they being all the Johnny Come Latelys.

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