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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted January 14, 2010 at 04:59:30

That article written by Ms Turkel state that the grandparents were frightened by the McCarthy era, which reminded them of the situations they fled from in eastern europe, the supposition, that all mail was read.

In todays world, maybe it is just me but everything, is documented, so no one is really safe, when they write or make any postings. Everything we do is tracked, spied on, recorded, there is no such thing as freedom anymore. Big brother is recording all that we do and say. Anyone could be deemed as an enemy of the state, given the political leadership or agenda.

As a parent, we try to teach our children to be independant, we try to teach them consequences regarding their actions but in the long run, life own lessons are sometimes the hard ones despite what wisdom we can give.

For those who have not had children, can make all the suppostions they want, the real experience is something that is different, no one parent is an expert and no one child is the same as another. Some children are born rebels and will be so all thier lives. They are not conformists, they march to a different drummer. I like these types of people better then those who follow the group mentality.

But to follow Michellès thinking, teenagers or young adults are still in a learning process, hell even at my age, it is still a learning process. Should they be held accountable to the point where they cannot get a job for something that was written or a picture posted. I do not think so.

I have seen some women to be particularly nasty, escpecially those who think that they live upright lives, make no mistakes, those are the type of women who think just because they have a husband, a house that they are better then say a single mother or parent.

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