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By M.W.Plan (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2010 at 09:31:56

The destruction of a Historical building is one that should have been strongly reconsidered for things like adaptive reuse. That being said, as much as I oppose it's demolition, the proposed 59 unit condominium is not a horrible idea. With aging populations across the globe, many are returning to cities cores. A condominium such as the one mentioned would give such seniors and empty nesters a safe location as well as bring more wealth to Hamilton's Downtown. Many will scream, "Gentrification!" until their throats can scream no more, but that simply is not the case with a building in such condition.
The destruction of the theatre sets a dangerous precedent for outright demolition of historic downtown buildings in Hamilton, but in some situations such as this one- it is the only economical option.

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