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By jason (registered) | Posted January 11, 2010 at 15:14:14

I've never been, but I hear there is an old theatre at Burlington Mall (I think) that is dirt cheap. I can't stand SilverCity. It's an instant headache when you walk in the front door. LOL

By the way, back to the Century, this guy who bought the property has sat on it all this time EVEN with promises of money from the city's downtown renewal department. Im a huge supporter of their loan program, but after this and the Connaught, I think they need to work some safeguards into their program with respect to property standards. Developers love to receive their loans, so it puts the downtown renewal folks in an easy position to uphold property standards. Nobody should even dream of getting city money if their going to demo by neglect the very building they are applying for. Furthermore, downtown renewal should get a good inspection/fine program going with the heritage and property standards folks to put some serious pressure on slumlords who rule downtown. Maybe tens of thousands of dollars in fines every year will force some of them to sell and go ruin some other city. Dave Kuruc is bang on in todays Spec - the speculators are killing downtown. Speculation isn't allowed in European downtowns because they recognize the value of those buildings to their neighbourhoods. We need a serious overhaul at city hall and we need to start kicking some slumlord butt right out of town! Enough is enough.

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