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By Concession Stand (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2010 at 10:05:45

Yes, I think a certain amount is up to us. I'm sorry to lose buildings like the Century but I have a limited amount of time for advocacy when the game is up. As has been pointed out, the heritage aspect of this building has been ill-served for 60-70 years. You could argue that there are generations of Hamiltonians answerable for inaction on this case.

One point of clarification: I'm all for calling Jackson Square on its sins, but in the case of the Century it'd be more accurate to note that Famous Players opted to close the Tivoli and Century in 1989 because they had just bankrolled multiplexes in Lime Ridge Mall (four-screen) and Jackson Square (six-screen). JS had been a twin since 1973 -- the four rear cinemas were added in the late-'80s reno. The late '70s and early '80s saw the rise of the multiplexes, and single- and twin-screen theatres couldn't compete. (JS was later calved, sold from Cineplex Galaxy to the Empire Chain.) The same showbiz dynamic saw LRM closed as a result of the opening of the Upper James multiplex (Famous Players-Cineplex Odeon merger), which itself closed to divert customers to the two Silver Cities. I assume the same basic rationale saw the Odeon group close the Capitol in order to open the Odeon. These trades seem wrongheaded in retrospect, but it's the owner's prerogative.

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