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By AlmostThere (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2010 at 23:50:14

I walk downtown everyday almost. I look up, I look around. I care.

You people care. It's obvious by the comments. And for the most part, everyone here agrees that something must be done to stop the pattern, to stop the cycle. And from what I've read and seen and heard (as someone on the street stopped my wife and I as were we walking past this soon-to-be demo site and talked with us for a couple of minutes) is that the people who are or were put in place to help protect these buildings and the history they contain aren't doing their jobs.

We've heard remove or replace those people. I agree. But what I haven't heard or seen (and this is somewhat discouraging for me) is someone stepping up and saying, "I got this" or "I'm new, I'm different and I have IDEAS, vote for me"

(as a re-read edit...there probably are people saying this, but not doing what they say)

I like the idea of replacing the ineffective areas we have in Hamilton council (with good and qualified people) Or firing people who sit on boards and committees designed to protect historical sites. I would like it to see someone step and say they can do it.

This is hypocritical of me to say because I cannot be THAT person that steps up and takes the challenge. But does anyone here know someone who CAN? Do we know or seek these people out - intentionally - as an active means to put action to the words we speak? (type)

What is the next step above and beyond our comments here? What do we do after that? How can we or anyone prevent this in the future? Does anyone know someone who can actually run for council or replace those responsible on the Downtown Preservation committee?

Just questions is all...

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