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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 10:18:57

Ummm, Ryan...point number 1, it's not the free world there. Point number 2, putting aside the ethical implications of releasing said terrorist to blow up school children or splash acid in schoolgirls faces, the society you're speaking about doesn't operate the way it does here and thus correlations and studies performed on people here rarely apply. While someone who's within an inch of their life may say anything, a person who's been captured and isn't at that point is more likely to spill their guts if they know you're willing to go that far to get the information.

While what you put forth as a primary goal for invading Afghanistan, I don't fall for. It is most likely a common goal with the war on terror. The northern regions of Afghanistan are a hot bed of terrorist activity and like it or not, that's what they're fighting. Don't worry, I understand the oil arguments but I also hear and read interviews from reporters who have gone to the country early in the war and later in the war and they invariably comment on the changes in life and attitudes that are starting to take place in the common people.

While I'm not supportive of the US policy I laud the fact that hopefully when the dust settles the Afghani nation will be a democratic nation where women are allowed to do what they want without fear of punishment. Quite honestly, if the only goal of the US was to get oil and in the process a democratic nation was formed, I'd still be happy.

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