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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 09:34:33

If I'm not mistaken it's possible to insulate on both sides of vapour barrier already. I just bought a house and in the literature I got from the guy who did the energy audit it mentioned it. It said nothing about a condition on interior humidity.

My only problem is how am I supposed to insulate my walls to R48?? I have a house that was built as far as I can tell in the early 30s. There's no insulation in the walls, no insulation in the basement and the kitchen crawlspace has no insulation under the floor. I did a kitchen and bathroom tear out and got insulation in those walls but I already had to semi squish the 2x4 batts to get them in thus reducing their efficiency. I can't frame out my walls without making my rooms way to small.

Plans are to insulate the headers in the basement, the crawlspace floor, as many walls as I can and add more insulation to the roof. Also, it needs to be known that air barrier and vapour barrier are 2 different things. It's tough to vb an existing house, I did the best I could and I know it wasn't easy. Air barrier can be put on the outside of the house while you're doing something like siding. Think Tyvek house wrap versus the plastic close to the insulation...

As far as putting this into building will never be. While I love the idea of doing things like this, making it a mandatory requirement (air and vapour barriers are already a requirement) is insane...

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