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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted January 05, 2010 at 09:47:19

Jason, would you please cut the crap!

"A home in Waterdown assessed as 50% more expensive than mine with a 50% larger lot pays the exact same tax amount each year."

Your house in dt Hamilton is currently paying a rate of 1.587609%, a house in Waterdown (Flamborough) is paying 1.381026% (or 1.360939% without transit). The differences in rates I suspect is a holdover from amalgamation and area rating (something that should be done away with.)

To provide an example for those who are mathematically challenged, lets say your house is assessed at 100K and a house in Waterdown is assessed at 150K (50% more than your house as you stated) then you are paying $1,587.60 in property tax (100,000 X 1.587609%) while the house in Waterdown is paying $2071.5 in tax (150,000 X 1.381026%).

Therefore a house in Waterdown assessed at 50% more than you is not paying the same amount of tax as you but they are paying about 30% more!

Please learn some math skills and do your homework before you begin spewing your nonsense on this (or any other) forum.

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